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The Worlds First Online Crypto School

For Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchains (est. 2015)

Why Does This Exist?

To bring power and control back to you, so you have financial security for yourself and your family.

How Is This Different?

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Everything is carefully structured into clear frameworks. Systematically build new skills with ease and satisfaction.

What Does It Provide?

Information products like podcasts, books, courses, and workshops on the subject of crypto and blockchain.

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Your time is the most valuable thing you have. Stop scrapping around on YouTube trying to assemble bits of information together. We’ve taken the time to simplify, organize and structure the information so you gain real skills by learning exactly how one concept relates to another and then how to actually DO something with that information.

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Belong To Something Bigger Than Yourself

“Leading people to freedom through education and awareness.”

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That is the personal mission statement written by Chris Coney which ultimately leads to the creation of Cryptoversity, the world’s first online school for Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchains.

Chris, like many people who discover the crypto revolution, describes having a spiritual connection to it. The prospect of freeing the whole of humanity from financial tyranny and fostering a new age of prosperity and abundance extends far beyond any one person’s bank balance.

The old paradigm of “spirituality OR materiality” is being replaced by an integrated approach in which material success comes as the reward for the value an individual provides to the whole.

But we need a system that facilitates this new paradigm, one that allows it to operate uninterrupted and uncorrupted.

Cryptoversity and the larger crypto revolution go far beyond a new type of money, it extends to a fundamental transformation in the way we live. A life of personal freedom and sovereignty.

Cryptoversity is a purpose-driven organization, lead by a purpose-driven individual, seeking other purpose-driven individuals who feel that this is their calling.

So join us as a student, an affiliate, strategic partner, or contact us via the helpdesk with ideas on how else you’d like to play your part.



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